Our Current Litters at Cwtchycats Towers



We are excited to announce that our homebred girl Elise has delivered Finns' Kittens on 9th June 2017.

Elise Christmas 2016     Finn Christmas 2016
         QGC Cwtchycats Lotus Elise         x         Wattuwarpaan Wihsel Jesse of Cwtchycats

More news and photographs can be found here.

We are very proud to welcome our homebred BLH girl, Millies' first litter Daddy is Bing.

Millie 12 Months Old      Bing
Cwtchycats One in a Million               x                     Caesar From Mariantik

More news and photographs, can be found here

For further information and / or to be placed on our waiting list, please contact us here.


Our kittens are very popular and we run a waiting list to make it fair to everyone. If you would like to join this waiting list for this or future litters, please contact us here, giving us as much information about yourself, home, family, other pets as you can. Also, your preferred choice of colours / patterns and sex. 
Please note: We only sell breeding cats to ethical, registered (non caging) breeders that we know and trust and we NEVER ship kittens unaccompanied. Any kittens to be exported need to be collected from UK or personally delivered by us. Certain cats have contractual restrictions on them, meaning we are unable to sell kittens to certain countries. Please contact us for further details!


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