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Posted by Nat on
Hi Carolyn and Chris!

Congrats on launching the site! I hope it will bring lots of new friends your way and the bestest new homes for all the kittens of the lovely Cwtchycats place.

All my love and the very best of luck to you,
Posted by Tracey on
We just love your new website! It is fab! I so love reading Sophie's blog, so nice to read things from a cat's point of view! Life is so much more laid back!
Congratulations and well done for all your hard work. We can personally vouch for the loving kittens as we have met most of them, they are just adorable and the most spoilt cats! However, very much loved and cared for. Sigh.... hope to see all the clan again soon! xxx.
Posted by Huw on
Fantastis website guys, well done....hope its a massive success for you.
See you soon !
Posted by Nick Capaldi on
What an awesome website! So much to see and read. it's beautifullu created and you can easily see th time and love that's gone into it. Congratulations!!!
Posted by Rachel H on
Your cats are gorgeous x
Posted by Lynne on
Hi Carolyn,
Great website and good luck with the babies,you know where I am if you need anything.Lynne.x
Posted by Ine on
Hello Carolyn.
congrats, The bengals doing well on show ! !
maybe see you at the show (tica)in Kent on 14-15-8-2010
I visited the show with Prince
Spotznstripz Prince of Chrysoberyl.

greetings from Holland
Posted by Josie on
Hi love your prefix name and your wonderful cats.
I have just started out and love bengals, never a dull moment in our house can I add my web page on your site and I will add yours.
Posted by paige on
Your cats and kittens are sooo cute, hopefully will be able to purcuse one soon x
Posted by Sylvia on
your kittens are absolutely beautiful and photos are great quolyty. I would love to buy one of your ragdoll girls. can you contact me when kittens are availeble.
regards Sylvia
Posted by Jenny Manship on
I have just lost my boy to HCM at 5.5 years and have found your site.
Beauntiful babies - I will ring you as we are all devestated!!!!
Posted by Fran Walsh on
Hi Carolyn, we just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased we are with little Zari ( alicia from Sophias litter ). She is simply perfect . I have to say she is such a well balanced little girl and we have had no problems settling her into her new home with us! For anyone thinking of purchasing a kitten from Carolyn, I HIGHLY recomend her! She takes the utmost care in bringing up her cats and kittens and facilities are of the highest standard. If your kitten is to be a pet and not for breeding, I can also recomend using her cat specialist vet for neutering! Carolyn, what more can i say than thankyou soo much for allowing us to home one of your babies and thankyou for giving her such a good start in life

Many many thanks,
Colin and Fran xxx
Posted by mikaela field on
hi carolyn, sophie (adele) has settled in fantastic infact the following day from having her here she was acting as if she had been here all along. She gets on very well with or other bengel they are both causing trouble together lol. Sophie is also fantastic with our daughter khloe. I would highly reccomend you as a breeder you put so much love and care into the cats (and that is hard to find in a breeder) Thank you for everything and our wonderfull sophie.xx
Posted by Karen on
Hi carolyn. We would just like to say a big thank you for our beautiful kitten we all adore her not only is she very playful but she is very loving we have only had her a couple days but we wouldnt be without her now she is gorgeous. I would highly recommend for anyone who is looking to buy a kitten to come to you as you can tell that all cats and kittens are brought up with love and affection. Love karen, michele,ryan and leah x
Posted by Jenna Ritchie on
Hi Carolyn. Leo (Alfie) is doing fab! He is forever bouncing about the place here and loves running up and down the stairs. haha! He is the king of the castle here now. . He gets on amazingly well with the children and Bonnie (our mini Yorkie), and loves the bath! We cant have one in peace anymore, haha! He is getting very spoilt with lots of new toys and lots of cuddles. Both my husband and I agreed that we have never heard a cat purr so much and so loud before . We all love him dearly and would like to thank you for the great start in life that you and your family have given him, and please rest assured that he is very happy here with us all, and will continue to be. Thank you so so much for our new (not so little anymore) prince. He is growing so fast! You are a wonderful person, and a wonderful breeder. Speak soon. Love from Jen. xoxo
Posted by Sallie Melsom on
Hi Carolyn

I would just like to say a big thank you for Bella, she has settled in really well with Jasper which I put mostly down to you bringing Bella up to be a very confident and loving kitten.
If you have never had a ragdoll before or need any other advice regarding introducing new cats etc I cannot recommend Carolyn enough she has been there for me all the way through the process.

I will keep in contact and send you pictures of Bella as she is growing up
Sallie x
Posted by Carolyn on
Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments - it really does mean so much to us! We absolutely love bringing these babies into the world and feel it is a real priviledge. Without the wonderful owners we have found for our babies, we wouldn't be able to do this - so thank YOU every single one of you! Enjoy your babies, and please DO stay in touch. Remember, we're here for you 24/7! xxx
Posted by Rachel and Bob on
Hi Carolyn, what a wonderful website!!!! I am so excited to meet up next week, loved reading the diff characters of all the cats and kittens I have grown up with cats and absolutely love them! Off to pets at home on the weekend to look for bits, have a look on google at Bombay duck web,fab cat bits, we were wondering if we had reserved duchess or Dixie, we will love either,if we need to purchase anything in particular frm pets at home pls let me know, also can u recommend a good book on rag dolls pls? Thank u, nite to you, willow and her babies, Rachel and Bobxxx
Posted by Kate and Antony on
Thank you so much for our little Charlie, he has settled in to our cat family so well and is such a happy confident little kitten. He is always purring. We cannot recommend buying a kitten from you highly enough and will continue to keep you updated with his progress.
Posted by Ben genever on
We picked up our rag doll kitten (Cleo) three weeks ago, and she is perfect ;).
Carolyn is so helpful and informative and really has the kittens best interests at heart. After picking up Cleo we received a beautiful hardback book filled with photos of the kitten as she had grown up which is such a nice attention to detail.
Overall I can not recommend cwtchycats and Carolyn enough. Your only regret will be not buying all the kittens she has ;P
Posted by Lynne and Mark on
Hi There
Just wanted to give you an update on Cerys (Lily)she is adorable and absolutely loves our Golden Retriever Misty- she is trying to make friends with our other cat Poppy, but she is not having much success on this front-love her!!
She simply loves as much company as she can get and follows you around from room to room.
I would not hesitate to recommend Carolyn and Chris if anyone was interested in purchasing a ragdoll kitten, from the first phone call my husband made to taking our new kitten home, they have been so helpful and informative and I know they will be there in the future if ever I need their advice in the future.
Thanks both
Posted by Joanne on
Carolyn puts 110% into her cats, and her cats are proof of that with there amazing temperaments. I have recently received my kitten of Carolyn and I could not be happier. I have been able to watch this kitten grow week by week right from birth through pictures added weekly on her lovely website, and received updates on how he is doing as well as being able to go see him as often as i wanted. The experience was lovely and I would not hesitate to recommend Carolyn to anybody. Thank you very much Carolyn for all your advice and help, I will take great care of Dante. xxx
Posted by Jenny Manslip on
We sadly lost our much loved ragdoll, Oliver, to HCM at Easter, he was just 5.
I found Cwtchycats on the web and left a phone message for Carolyn asking to be put on her waiting list for a kitten. Her reply was immediate and I sobbed my story to her. Bearly a week leter after my return from holiday there was a message offering us a boy ragdoll from Willows' litter.Of course we couldn't refuse and went to see him a litlle later.
At the visit we also fell in love with a little girl who had been reserved with no further contact. We secretly also reserved her as a suprise for our daughter.
We have just arrived back from holiday and collected the little pair (straight from the airport) and took them home with our suitcases.
I MUST impress on future owners that Carolyn is a most professional caring and loving breeder. The information given to owners states everything that you need to know, she is on hand if advice is needed, and gives her kittens a loving, playfull home environment.
After all this I have had my two babies just 2 days, they are so full of beans, loving, purring all the time and basically up to kitten mischief which confirms the love and care receieved prior to their forever home.
Message soley for Carolyn " you are the best, thankyou for listening, consoling and given the privilidge of owning two very very special kittens"
Much love
K, J & L
Posted by Nicole Morrow on
Beautiful site!
Posted by sarah (sertab) fb on
what a gorgeous site and wonderful cats
im so pleased you breed your kittens so loving
as when i bought serena and tabatha they were only 7 weeks old
poor tab had kitten flu after just a few days i noticed her eyes took her to the vet at once /vet told be to tell the breeder
all i got was she was fine very sternly
then when tab had her first epileptic fit , i was in a panic thinking id lose her, and called for some advise
nope all i got was he never had that problem with any of his cats and he didnt breed anymore (thankfully)

shes doing grt now and on tablets to control them

sorry im just say well donr and thank you for doing a amazing job

sarahxxxand the girls now 8 and 9 years old
Posted by Jenny Manslip on
Lots of Love
xxxx J.
Thanks Jen - hes a beaut - pedigree name Cwtchycats Legacy Pride - nickname Pudding (for obvious reasons)!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday xx
Posted by Amanda Collins on
just to say thank you of letting me have Cerys - now Champers. She's fun, great to be with and a credit to Carolyn and Chris. You definitely made the right decision letting her go! She's settling in really well, going to introduce her to Annie - my Long haired dachsie who just loves everyone so I'm sure she'll get a warm welcome from her.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

thanks again
Posted by Natascia & Jim of POPPYLOVE on
Hi Carolyn,
Just few words to let you know how happy we are that you decided to "adopt" our little POPPYLOVE Vittorina Rebel, now "Diva". As you know little Diva is the very first of our kittens going for breeding.
We could not feel more positive and at ease knowing that our girl will be so loved and well looked after.
As you know we are very careful to who we entrust our kittens to (whatever for breeding or neutered) but you ticked ALL the correct boxes and we are so looking forward to an everlasting friendship and collaboration with you
Hope to meet you again really
Posted by Matt and Sian on
What can we say?
Carolyn is a fantastic breeder who clearly puts 110% into her own cats, and also the kittens that she raises. We are so lucky and happy to have Garfy, who is absolutely perfect! He is the friendliest, most lovable creature and purrs constantly! I think this is testament to the effort that Carolyn and Chris put into their lives!
Garfy came to us as a confident bundle of fluff! And he settled in perfectly! He is a fantastic little kitten who loves attention and has brought real happiness to us both!
Thank you so much for the opportunity to have Garfy!
Matt, Sian and Garfy!
Posted by Sarah (Cwtchycats Garrick) on
12Jan 2012

I took charge of Garrick from Carolyn and Chris a few days ago, and am overjoyed at my furry, purry little bundle! He is wonderfully tempered and laid back - quite apart from being a stunning little man!

The whole experience of dealing with Cwtchycats has been an absolute joy, from the initial contact to being welcomed and encouraged to visit and get to know my boy before I brought him home - through the little updates and pictures to the final collection. The set up is wonderful, the cats are exceptional and Carolyn and Chris obviously thoroughly enjoy breeding and seeing their babies go to good homes as much as we do in taking over their care.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


ps - see you next year for the Bengal!
Posted by Patricia on
oh carolyn where do i start!
we collected BB (hanni) from you last thursday. he is the most fantastic little kitten, affectionate, loving ,playful a real little character everything you could wish for in a kitten,i am totally besotted, i have 9 dogs and 3 raggies hemet them all the first night and no problems at all the dogs have just adopted him as a new baby!! my grandsons aged 3 and 4 also love him and he them! he is truly a wonderful kitten, i couldn't recommend carolyn highly enough to choose a kitten from,wonderful cats and wonderful people, thank you thank you, patricia, rob and BB
Posted by Wendy Myers on
Hi carolyn
just a few words to say thank you for our lovely girl cwtchycats phoebe. She has the most wonderful temprement, inquisitive nature, and is a joy to have around.
Phoebe is a real credit to you and chris as breeders and has settled in very quickly - she reminds me of a toddler - when she's quiet - she's usually doing something she shouldn't !
Thank you for all your help - no doubt we'll meet again for my red girl ???? Ah ! Ah !
Posted by Iwona, Kris & Kinga on
Ok, where should I start ?
Carolyn and Chris are fantastic breeders who clearly put 100% of their energy and effort into what they do. They give lots of love to their own cats but also to the cats they raise. We are delighted to have Pudding (Paddy for short), he's just lovely and he fits into our family perfectly. He's good friends with our older cat Lucky who constantly wants to play. Paddy has bought us lots of happiness and love and we're just very lucky to have him around. Thank you very much for letting Pudding join our family and we will send some new pictures soon.

Iwona, Kris, Kinga
Pudding , Lucky
Posted by Myrin on
Kitten Geneva has now been with us for a little over a week and a half and seems to have adopted us happily. We are certainly very happy to have her. She was a gift for my 5 year old daughter, but the truth is that Geneva is my little kitten. She is right here watching me as I type... Geneva is of great company, the kind of company you crave for when the kids are in bed and the husband is either out or doing his own thing. She is playful, very patient with my little 21 month old girl who thinks the "tat" is a dolly to hug and carry around most of the day, and is not shy when it comes to hiding away from it all.
Carolyn and Chris can't be thanked and praised enough for the way they take care of their cats and raise their kittens. You almost feel sorry to take the kittens away from such a lovely home. Communication has been excellent from the first email exchanged throughout the purchase of Geneva. We were able to go and meet her a few weeks beforehand and made feel like at home on both occasions we visited Geneva's first home. We live in London and many friends still don't understand why we didn't find a breeder closer to home. From the moment I visited Cwtchycats website and received the first reply from Carolyn I knew we were not going to get our kitten anywhere else, even if we had to wait for a few months if Geneva were not available any more! I can only say thank you!
Posted by Grace on
Thank you for the lovely kitten gabby she is very Whell ,behaved she now stays still grace xxxx
Posted by Kate and Antony on
Charlie will be a year old soon and is growing into a big strong lad, so sorry to see about Seefs.
Posted by Grace on
Gabby is a lovely ?? she is a lovely kitten growing up to. Be 1? years old
Posted by Caroline Kimber on
We are truly over the moon with our new little man who has had another name change to Red. Honestly really special kitten from a very special couple. we would definatly not hesitate in getting another cat from Carolyn and Chris... Many thanks for our Star XXX
Posted by patricia and rob on
Yet again Carolyn, where to start, Filli our 2nd cwtchycat has settled in so well, its like she has always been here! she is so affectionate, loving, purring non stop! she has got to grips with all the dogs as though she had been bought up with them Filli met my grandsons for the first time today, and again just padded to them and played ball, she is amazing, as are all carolyn and chris's cats and kittens, i would not hesitate to recommend them to any one, they are fab people and have fabbier cats and kittens!! thank you thank you xxx
ps the boys think Filli should be called jack!!
Posted by Abby and Steve Phillips on
Where do we start? lol... What a fantastic couple that we have had the priviledge to meet and get to know, alongside the very wonderful family of cats and kittens they look after, one of which we have been so very fortunate to adopt.
Right from the start I was made to feel very special and welcome through both e-mails and the many visits that they welcomed from me and my family. There were other breeders within the area, although cheaper, were nowhere near the standards of loving care and attention to both cats and people that we came to expect from both Carolyn and Chris.
Right from the word go, the website cwtchycats was both informative and extremely useful in helping us to decide whether this breed of cat was what we were looking for. This instantly put my mind at ease, and what the website couldn't provide in the way of answers to questions I had, both Carolyn and Chris did. No question I asked was deemed silly or trivial, and were always answered with curtesy, kindness, honesty and respect.
We can provide testament to the way they genuinely love and adore all the cats that they look after. This love has ensured that our kitten is both loving, playful and confident within his own right. He has only been with us for 6 hours up to now and already he seems as if he is part of the furniture!!!
I want to take this opportunity to express my most grateful sincere thanks to a very special couple that has allowed us the priviledge of sharing one of their babies...
Posted by Sylwia on
Hello Everyone ,
Don't know where to start . I have two amazing ragii girls from Carolyn;
Pixi & Nilla . I can't even describe how wonderfull and well brought up they are . I never had any problems with litter tray , all I ever had to do is show them where the tray is and they use it without a fail .
I have Pixi for over a year now and just got Nilla few days ago and I can't imagine my life with out them .
Many thanks to you and your husband Carolyn , we need more people like you.
Your kittens are worth every penny.
Posted by Becky on
I would like to thank Carolyn and Chris for letting Layas baby boy (Cwtchycats Handsome Hadrian aka Darcy) come home with me, he's been home for a few days and has settled in fantastically His confidence, playfulness, love and affection just shows how much work has gone into the raising of this lil man to prepare him for his forever home.

From the first time I met Carolyn and Chris I knew I was very lucky to have found a breeder who truly loves their cats and the breed, they have both been so friendly and helpful with all my queries that I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone looking for a Ragdoll or Bengal kitten I have had regular updates from Carolyn and much awaited for piccies of my lil man until he was ready to come home, not to mention the couple of play-dates that we had
Posted by Grace on
I don't know what to say but Carolyn is a lovely person who takes care of cats and kittens.
Gabby is so lovely
Posted by Ruth on
If you are looking at purchasing a kitten, then Carolyn is definitely the woman to go to!

Clear communication from the offset, the invitation to come and interact with the kitten you would like to share your home with, to ensure that you bond and they are definitely the right one for you!

Kept us updated all the way from neutering to litter training! Absolutely brilliant. She is not lying when she says they come with a bag of goodies (absolutely huge!!) Far too many toys to play with (just the way kittens like it!).

The kitten we chose is absolutely gorgeous called cracker, he was alot smaller than the other kittens so stayed with her for a little longer! Due to this he developed and extra special skill wiping his paws after using the litter tray (do not know how she managed it but utter genius!)

Fab breeder, fab lady, brilliant cats and superb communication even after you have taken your kitten home (we need a constant supply of springs due to cracker hiding them all over the house!)

Their birth certificates also come on sparkly paper (awesome!)!

Will definitely come to her again when I wish to expand our cat family!!!
Posted by Gabriel De-Vere on
I can say I hated pets... Cats, dogs and another non sentient life, even some of those too... But over a year ago I made the plunge of getting a kitten as to see how things might change. A kitten that a year and a half later is the reason I bought a dog and a second kitten from the amazing Carolyn. I can say that without my 3 lovelys my home returning would be a sadder one and that I very much love the fact they are a close part of my family and would dare say there would be a 4th on the horizon.
Absolutely the best idea, filled with love and fluffiness.... Xxx
Posted by Amy Wood on
After meeting my friend's cat Garfy from one of Carolyn's litters of last year, I couldn't resist wanting to meet her new kittens. Carolyn and Chris were so warm and welcoming, and after meeting Henry I was well and truly hooked! He's such a beautiful cat with an incredible ability of winning everybody over the minute they meet him. He settled in exceptionally well and has been up to all sorts of mischief ever since! He's so laid back around everything, nothing seems to phase him. He really is a credit to the hard work and dedication of these wonderful breeders.

Upon picking up Henry, my sister instantly fell in love with Cracker, which inevitably resulted in two of Carolyn's kittens in the family! He is another fantastic character and has firmly put our 15 year old moggy into place (much to his disapproval)! Henry has changed my life for the better and I'm so grateful to Carolyn and Chris for all they do. Their constant help and support is fantastic and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and their beautiful cats.
Posted by Noriko on
3 month old Abe is nestled next to me in a cushy bed while basking in the London sun! And, it's only his first day here...

Carolyn has been a wonderful and kind resource in our search for a new cat. It's obvious that she cares for all of her animals and raises them in a warm, loving environment which makes a new kitten's transition to a new home smooth.

Her pride and knowledge of the cats is astounding and her cats/kittens (both Bengals and Ragdolls) are stunning. We had the pleasure of seeing her brood on our Wales weekend and we are so thrilled to have brought Abe home.

Thank you Carolyn and Chris!

Noriko & clan -
Posted by Tracey Young on
We had our beautiful Bengal boy and he is a real Cwtchtycat! Carolyn was really helpful and welcoming, making us feel at home whilst we chose each other. Polar is a fabulous kitten; he is a real character who has settled purrfectly with our Siamese and our vet was utterly impressed by his condition. He is the ultimate family pet -
Posted by sandy yandell on
Hi Carolyn, lovely website, beautiful cats both in ragdolls and Bengals just beautiful -
Posted by Heather Richardson on
Hi Carolyn &Chris,thanks so much for the new member of our family! Gwen/Seren. A new star is born! I am sending some photos for you,by separate E-mail. I know we can give her as much love as you both give to all your gorgeous pets. Ps. Do you bathe the cats? Seren loves coming into the bathroom!,,,, diolch luv Heather x -
Posted by Teddys Mummy on
Thank you so much for letting Teddy (Serens boy) to come to us.He is such a handsome,confident,gentle,laid-back, playful, well- behaved kitten! What can you expect more from a cat?

Carolyn is a very responsible and caring breeder.I am amazed at how clean,tidy and comfortable the environment her cats are living in. You will be surrounded by fur balls once you step in their place(Wonderland!!).

The best thing is that her kittens are well loved and taken care of, which is very important for cats personality development. Personally, if I want to have another kitten in the future, Carolyn will be the first and the only person I go to.

All in all, if you are thinking of having a new fluffy family member, Cwtchycats is a very good choice.Trust me,they will not let you down! -
Posted by Beth Lloyd on
Would like to say a big thanks to Carolyn for allowing snowy ( Dixie) to come home with us . We have had a few cats in the past but none that have settled in so quickly and made themselves at home so easily ,the welcome bag of food samples, toys etc also helped as we knew what he was used to eating and what litter he was used to ,helping him to feel at home .
Also ,importantly it was obvious he had lots of positive contact with people and is one of the most affectionate and cwtchy cat we,ve ever had -
Posted by Gillian and Bob on
We would like to say a great big Thank You for letting Dante share our lives. When we saw his picture we knew he was going to be special to us. He is amazingly loving, well mannered(uses his litter tray like a good boy),and very social. He is the most pleasant cat i have ever known. Our lives have been enhanced by his company...and that is down to how well he has been brought up. Thank You again. xx -
Posted by Alistair, Nina and Jasmine on
We love our Ragdoll, Jasmine, and everything about the "purchase" was very straight forward. Cwtchycats were a joy to deal with and more than generous with some extra goodies. Our new Ragdoll arrived fully house trained and very loving - what more would you ask for!! -
Posted by Rebecca & Lester on
Thankyou so much for letting us take Iwan home. He is the most beautiful, good natured and affectionate kitten. He settled in so quickly and makes us smile all the time. Carolyn you care so much for your cats and it really shows.
Posted by Shirin on
Carolyn and Chris thank you so much for Bindi. Everyone loves her including our 4 year old persian (reluctantly). From visit up to when I took Bindi home you were very helpful and took such good care of Bindi before she came to our home. Keep the good work!
Posted by Sue Hall on
A great big thank you to Carolyn for making our little furry family complete with Bailey Beau Boy, he is a pleasure to own, very loving, content and happy all the time, he brings much joy and happyness to us all. Carolyn was also kind enough to help us choose what cat might fit in with the family dogs and how to integrate them together and is happy to continue support once your little bundle of joy has left and is living with you. Can't of chosen a better breeder for caring for not only her cats, kittens but also their new moms and dads at there forever homes x Happy to be contacted at any time for any further details or questions you may have.
Posted by Phil and Lisa on
An enormous thank you to Carolyn for our beautiful red tabbie point male Ragdoll, Brucie. He is a wonderful, loving kitten with the warmest temperament imaginable.

We knew immediately that Carolyn was the right breeder for us when we visited her home and saw so many happy, healthy, friendly kittens playing in a lovely clean and safe environment.

The love and care that Carolyn raises the kittens with is reflected in their amazing personalities.

Thank you Carolyn, we love Brucie to bits.....and so does Rockie.
Posted by Natashia and Russell on
We could not be happier with a beautiful little ragdoll Lola. Carolyn and Chris are a lovely couple who clearly take pride in their jobs of bringing kittens into the world and are surrounded by lots of happy, healthy and very well looked after cats.

As first time buyers of a pedigree cat we found Carolyn and Chris to be amazing for giving impartial advice and ultimately breeding beautiful natured cats.

We could not be happier with our lovely Lola and would fully recommend Carolyn and Chris as breeders of ragdolls.
Posted by Sophia Lao on
Thank you Carolyn for the beautiful Kyoko. She has settled down brilliantly and her behaviours are amazing. Even a recent trip to the vets they commented on her lovely temperament and cwtchiness for a bengal.
Carolyn made everything easy and was brilliant with all the advice she gave and keeping me up to date. Couldn't have asked for more x
Posted by Helmi Flick on
Fantastic website, easy to navigate, lovely cats. Would like to see pics of your home and you both on the About Us page. Your cattery is stellar too... Pics in order there! Love you guys. Helmi and Ken
Posted by Elwyn Owen on
Nice site, fine felines indeed! Keep up the good work!
Posted by Shyla Hendrickson on
I can not thank you enough Carolyn! Rocky is more than we could ever ask for. He made it here to the US and you could not tell he had been on such a long and I would have thought stressful situation. He came out of his kennel purring and headbutting. He has not missed a beat. He is the most loving and affection cat.. I have ever met. I will send many pictures and keep in touch! I feel blessed, we have found each other. I have gain the best boy I could have ever asked for but I feel I have met a new friend too. I was wonderful working with you, through everything we had to do to get him here. I could not have worked with a better person.

Many Hugs and Much Love,

Posted by Judy & Kevin on
Smiles all round, thank you Carolyn so much for letting us have our boy Fudge, we couldn't believe how quickly he settled in and he used his litter tray straight away. He is into everything but still loves cuddles and he likes to be with us all the time wherever we go. All your kittens are brought up in such loving surroundings, as you can tell as soon as you walk in, and anyone who is lucky enough to have one of your kittens is fortunate indeed. Your generous bag of goodies was a godsend as he felt at home straight away. We would recommend anyone to have one of your kittens.

With love and many thanks.
Posted by Maddy on
We absolutely love our Truffle Monster (Truffles for short!), she has settled in so quickly and is the most sociable, loving, energetic little girl. Used her litter tray straight away, even adapted quickly to living with a pomeranian dog too! She is very vocal, playful and loves her water fountain and her toys. She even fetches if you throw one of them! Cwtchycats were so helpful and when we went to visit we could see how happy all the cats and kittens are and what fantastic breeders they are. We are totally in love with Truffles, she has the most amazing temperament, is full of energy, loves cuddles and just brings so much joy. Thank you Cwtchycats for our special girl we couldn't be happier! xxx
Posted by Noriko on
We could not resist. We had to go back for more.... Thank you for letting us bring little Seren into our home and become little sister to Abe (a Cwtchycats alum who graced us and our home last year!). Despite being less than half Abe's size, Seren has made herself completely at home without any hitches. And, Abe, has (reluctantly) assumed role of the big brother. He may no longer be the only cat in the house, but he still is the King here. He's even lets her share his bed. Carolyn and Chris, you truly have brought amazing creatures into this world and have raised them to be incredibly loving, regal, adoring and well-adjusted, confident raggies. Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you!
Posted by Amy and June Goddard on
We are really grateful to Carolyn and Chris for allowing us to give Grace a home. Grace is such a good girl and has settled in great. A very much welcomed and loved 'furry friend' into June's home.
Carolyn and Chris clearly want only the best for their cats and we are just thrilled they agreed we were right for Grace.
Thank you Carolyn and Chris
Posted by Maxine Gilmore on
We are so happy with our new addition to the family,,little Etta!
She has settled in really well.
Lots of entertainment with her,,,leaping, chatting and playing. My son adores her,as do I.
Posted by Ruth on
Would like to say a massive thank you to Carolyn and Chris! Waited a long time for little Howie and it was well worth the wait! Such a lovely kitten (constant purring and cuddles)! Couldn't ask for more! Brilliant breeders, I was kept well informed and up to date! Beautiful cats and lovely people!
Posted by Mark and Kim on
Worth the wait Carolyn. Site looks fantastic and very user friendly.
Posted by Chris Littlejohns on
Sorry to everyone, but we've had to put a Captcha on the guestbook, as it was constantly getting spammed by automated programs. Hope you don't mind.
Posted by Melanie & Summer on
Thank you so so much for our beautiful kittens Dion and Magic,we are utterly in love and couldn't have asked for better breeders to have them from, you were at hand for any little daft question and query and it feels great knowing we will always have your support. Many many thanks.
Melanie and Summer
Posted by Sue Lewis on
Well it has been just under a week since Adorable Aphrodite (Dora) became part of the Lewis furry family over here on Jersey.

She is just adorable (excuse the pun) and is the most stunning Ragdoll we have ever had the pleasure to be owned by. She is so confidant and cheeky, can't ever imagine not having her in our life.

Carolyn and Chris, she is a real credit to you and I can't wait to get her out on our local show scene where I am sure she will charm everyone who meets her.

Sue & Owen
Posted by Vanessa Cleland on
I have only recently become friends with Carolyn and Chris.
I did not realise they only lived a short distance away. Fabulous website, informative, but best of all absolutely stunning cats and kittens.

Will definitely be considering my next kitten with Cwtchycats.

Kind Regards

Vanessa Cleland.
Posted by Nicola Willett on
I knew that when I was able to welcome another cat into my home it would be a Cwtchy cat. I am not going to regret that decision any time soon. You are professional and caring, the photographs of the kittens development have made us feel like part of the process. Visiting you and being made to feel so welcome made the process easier and your reassurance when I felt overwhelmed with the new kitten parent processvwas invaluable. My beautiful, healthy and well socialised Cwtchy kitten has taken over our home and our hearts. He is into everything and has turned my adult Ragdoll back into a kitten again. The hand crocheted bed and huge bag of food, treats, litter and toys they sent home with help with settling in and the Facebook group make you feel like a partvof an extended Cwtchy family. For anyone concerned about early nuetering you only have to look at the results. Healthy kittens recovered in record time. I'm delighted with my boy snd am sure I'll be back
Posted by Nancy Parker on
As a breeder of Ragdolls we have found it a minefield to find like minded folk whose standards go above and beyond what you might expect. I am honoured to know Carolyn and Chris; who not only have entrusted us with the beautiful "Queenie" but have shown us the type of breeder we aspire to be.
Carolyn's knowledge and love of the breed is amazing. Cwtchycats is one of the few websites I recommend to our own potential families. Their love and devotion is plain for all to see.
I can't wait for your next visit to Cwtchy towers... to see the beautiful felines but also to see our friends Carolyn and Chris.
Highly Recommended by Nancy and Jason Parker ;-)
Posted by Jon and Sarah B on
We've just had the pleasure of picking up a beautiful, naughty and full of life Raggie Kitten from Carolyn and Chris. We were made to feel very welcome from the very first time we met Carolyn and everything has gone swimmingly. She's always there if you have a question to ask and we're so pleased to have one of her kittens. He's incredibly well socialised and we will be recommending Carolyn to anyone who wants a Raggie! (After they have met our little man I'm sure there will be plenty asking!

Jon and Sarah B
Posted by Amanda M on
Carolyn and Chris have been foolish enough to allow me to be owned by three of their beautiful Cwtchycats , the most recent being the adorable ragdoll Chunky , who has the sweetest nature with the most loving catitude i have ever experienced in a cat at such a young age. they are first class breeders who offer 24/7 support if needed or just a delight to feedback comments on how things are going !
My beautiful Bengals Kingsley and Bronte have grown into stunning examples of the breed and now Chunky is Im sure headed the same way but his personality is worth 1000 time more than anything else !
Thank you Chris for parting with this super boy and you know i will take good care of him for you !

I could not recommend anyone higher that Carolyn and Chris for a PURRRRECT cat !
with love and huge thanks
Posted by Dave and Chris H on
A couple of weeks ago we became the new "parents" of Izzy (or Izn't He) who can currently be seen on the Cwtchycats home page. Carolyn and Chris kept him longer than normal because he had significant surgery when very young but, much to their regret, decided it was now time for him to fly the nest. Izzy's loving temperament and straightforward re-homing are themselves testimony to the care he received at Cwtchycats during the first two years of his life. It'll be a hard act to follow!
Posted by Caroline Kimber on
I have 2 lovely cats from Chris and Carolyn :)
Posted by linda Sharland on
Hi after seeing a few Ragdoll kittens I new I needed the very best breeder and I got it with Carolyn & Chris .I was only going to have a little boy called Scott but then saw his sister Feeb so had the both and iv never looked back they are the sweetist kittens .Good as gold not done anything wrong in the house I also have dogs that they have taken to so quickly. Carolyn is always there to see you though any questions. Thanks Carolyn for my two beautiful kittens .
Posted by sarah and Brian on
We love our little bundle Dylan aka (mr rossy)we fell in love with him straight away.Caroyln and Chris know how special this little man is and I'm so glad he's ours.Thank you for all your help we would highly recommend you x
Posted by Sally on
I'm really interested in the ragdoll breed and this website has made me desperate for two kittens. Amazing website, well done!!!!!
Posted by Rhiannon on
I wanted a high quality Ragdoll that was kind, intelligent, cuddley and playful in nature and I definitely got that from Chris and Carolyn. I couldn't be more happy with the new edition to my family, and Carolyn gives such good advice whenever needed. I'm really grateful and thankful to Carolyn and Chris for allowing me to give a home to such a beautiful and wonderful natured cat.
Posted by Anthony Smith on
Duchess and Ena made their way back to Bristol via Thornbury to pick up an excited teenager on the way home from school. Duchess was a bit noisy at first but they both ended up purring when the car stopped. At first they were a little nervous and found a spot on the dining room chairs to hide away but were soon exploring and getting used to us. The carry cases you recommended were very good and easily strapped into the car plus they should be big enough for when they become adults. Having a pair certainly helps with the settling in process and they seem to be happy playing with each other and looking round their new home.
Posted by Helen Smith on
Ena and Duchess have settled well in our home. certainly a credit to their earlier upbringing with no accidents, using scratch posts and very affectionate. my son is thrilled! Helen Smith
Posted by Elaine Matthews on
Dear Carolyn.
Where to start. It was so worth the 4 hour trip to collect our new baby, now called Merlyn. He was not timid at all and I could tell ha had been well socialised and was also accustomed to finding his way around a large house. He has not had one accident with the litter tray even though we live in a big house. It didn't take long for him to be accepted by our other three cats, two Raggies and a Norwegian forest.
He has such an amazing little character , very fussy and friendly, comes for snuggles and cuddles. Very loud purr bucket, playful and very clever too.
He is quite different to my others as he was never nervous even on arrival, others have hidden for a few days not Merlyn.
He loves to run after the sweeping brush and play with the other cats. He follows us around and greets us at the door with Mr Muggles when we have been out.
I would recommend Carolyn to anyone looking for a Ragdoll cat as you can tell a lot of time, care and love has been given .
While writing this I am looking at Merlyn snuggled up on my sons lap, purring away. It warms my heart. Thank you Carolyn and Chris
Posted by Dee at BlueLotus Ragdolls on
Look no place else for your ragdoll kitten, whether it be a top quality pet, or for breed/show. Carolyn & Chris have gone way beyond protocol when choosing the cats they use in their breeding program. They go to great lengths to breed top notch healthy friendly kittens, which are well socialized, and have fantastic natures. They also have the best veterinary care (a cat specialist), they feed the best food available (no grain foods), and all of their breeding cats are tested for all health issues related to the ragdoll breed. They have top notch facilities and provide the best for their cats & kittens. Cwtchycats cattery is what you have been looking for in a breeder, so look no further. Highly recommended. Lovely people! And you get a super duper kitty bag with tons of great stuff jam packed in there! Food, litter, toys, treats, And a Cwtychy bed too! The cats just love it!

Thank you so much for Mona & Gryph. They have settled in wonderfully and have such great temperaments, and gorgeous conformation the the ragdoll breed standard!
Couldn't be happier!!! :-D

Forever gratefull for our fur babies!
Dee & Family.
Posted by Amanda, Rog & Oll on
Tha you, Carolyn and Chris for allowing us to have Hooch. We know how special he is to you and now we understand why. He is a fabulous little chap and this is due to the wonderful home he came from. We will cherish him. Xxxx
Posted by Atm alarm on
Great site. A lot of useful information here. I am sending it to some pals and also sharing in social networks. And of course, thank you for your effort
Posted by Nina and Aaron on
We have been in love with Ragdolls and their amazing temperaments for a very long time. After buying our house in Cardiff we decided to get a Raggie kitten. We found a breeder in Swansea who had a Seal point boy available. We brought the kitten home and immediately fell in love with him. Two months later he stopped eating and playing. The vet said the most likely reason was FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis), a deadly and incurable disease. It broke our hearts to see him in pain and we made the difficult decision to put him down. After losing him, we knew we wanted to go with the best breeder possible when we decide to get another kitten.

We found Cwtchycats by accident while searching for Ragdoll breeders in South Wales. After reading the information on the website we were sure that we wanted our next kitten from Carolyn. Not only Cwychycats have TICA accreditation, it is clear that Carolyn and Christ truly love and care about their Ragdolls. We contacted Carolyn and were put on a wait list for a Ragdoll girl.

Six months later we went to meet our Aphie (previously Mia from the Italian litter), a flame mitted Ragdoll girl. It was love at first sight. We stayed at Carolyn's house for over an hour just playing with the kittens. They were healthy, confident and playful. Carolyn really does an amazing job breeding and raising the perfect Ragdoll kittens. We were ready to take Aphie home immediately but we had to wait for them to be neutered. One very long month later we picked up our beautiful girl from Carolyn, who has kindly supplied us with a huge bag of goodies, including three types of dry food, numerous kinds of wet food, cat litter and lots of lots of toys.

Aphie quickly made friends with our Pomeranian dog, Zeus, and they are now inseparable. She even waits by the front door for him when he goes on walkies. We are so happy and grateful that she has come into our lives, making it infinitely brighter. She is the most loving, playful and mischievous kitten in the world and we love her so so much. She is also a very big and healthy kitten (at 6 months old she weighed almost 4.5kg) and can sound like a baby elephant when running down the stairs!

Thank you very much, Carolyn and Chris for being such amazing breeders and for giving all your cats and kittens so much love and attention.

If you are thinking about getting a Ragdoll, look no further - a Cwtchycat kitten is worth waiting for.

Nina and Aaron

Posted by Julie Jones on
From the day I first met Carolyn, Chris and their amazing feline family, I knew that one day I wanted a Cwtchycat boy of my own...and this Christmas my wish came true.
I was lucky enough to go and meet the "Eagles litter" and instantly fell in love with Dino the only boy in the litter. Never in a million years did I ever think he would end up being mine, but between my husband and Carolyn and their secret emails my dream became a reality. Carolyn and Chris went out of their way to make my surprise a truly memorable one, and something I will never forget. They even made a special video and sent it on Christmas day for me.
I really was like a kid at Christmas bringing my new boy home, excited didn't come close. Dino now called "Marshall" came into my house and instantly made himself at home. My house is a busy home, with children and other cats but he was not phased one bit. The large kitten pack which you get really helps too as its full of all their favourite food/treats and lots of toys. Marshall has been here with us for only 10 days but already he is firm member of our family and we have had no issues with him at all, and this comes down to the fabulous socialisation they all get while with Carolyn and Chris.
If you are ever looking for a Ragdoll kitten, then I would highly recommend a Cwtchycat to everyone, you will get a healthy, happy, well socialised kitten that purrs for Wales. Yes there is a waiting list, but the best things in life really are worth waiting for.
There really are no words that I can use to thank Carolyn and Chris enough for my boy and the lengths they went to, to keep it all a secret and arrange my surprise...they really did go above and beyond.
Keep doing what you do guys because you do it so well
Huge Thank you and lots of love
Julie xxx
Posted by Emily on
Well, where do I begin.......

After hearing of this site through word of mouth and meeting a 'Raggie' kitten that my sister had from Cwtchycats, little did I know that from the moment I met her kitten and looked at this site, my life would change for the better.

I have been very fortunate to not have one but two special kittens from Cwtchycats. I first fell in love with a kitten named Cracker back in 2012. I was soon to be travelling to Australia but I couldn't help but fall more in love, the longer I looked at the photographs on the website. After contacting Carolyn, and multiple interests in Cracker, Carolyn agreed to let Cracker join our home in Liverpool. He is the most amazing, chatty, playful cat and I could not have chosen better. Four years later I have officially decided to move house and I could not bare to leave Cracker alone, so again I contacted Carolyn with an interest for another one.

She could not have been more helpful as I wanted to make sure I had a good match for Cracker. Carolyn's guidance and information has been brilliant (as well as the information provided across the website) and I was able to take the beautiful Kate home as a sister for Cracker. We have since renamed her Lizzie, due to her mischievous and diva nature which certainly counteracts Cracker. Luckily Carolyn warned us from the beginning (Carolyn knows every kittens personality right from the word go) so we new what to expect.

I would definitely recommend Carolyn as a breeder to anyone. She goes out of her way to carefully breed from her loving cats to bring the most loved and healthy kittens. They are fully trained, used to being handled and to this day I have never had a problem with their health. Cwtchycats make sure they get to know each individual family to match the kittens up perfectly and they certainly get it right. The standards and temperaments of these cats are impeccable.

If you want to find the perfect cat from the perfect breeder, then look no further. The journey to South Wales to visit and pick them up is worth it (trust me).

Once again, thank you :)


Posted by carolyn on
Hi Everybody, We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website.
We are very proud of our cats and hope you enjoy seeing them.
Please sign the guestbook and let us know what you think!
Thanks again
Posted by John Smithson on
Hi Carolyn and Chris. What a credit this web-site, and your cats are to you! But nothing like this comes easy and is the result of alot of hard work and much dedication to the breeds, the individual cats and alot of careful planning....your cats are lovely, superb in fact, but more importantly, LOVED, and it shows! Congrats on your great site and on your wonderful cats and kittens.
Posted by Deborah Player on
Carolyn made my dream come true and I now own a beautiful pedigree cat. We are now the proud owners of one incredible British Longhair carefully bred and reared by Cwtchycats and he is a delight. I was on the waiting list for a ragdoll and then had an incredible stroke of luck when someone no longer wanted our boy and Carolyn offered him to me. Couldn't sleep that night! Only problem, I had to wait a week for him, what a long, long week that was! He has settled in so well due to the correct socialisation and love lavished on him. The vet was very impressed but had one word of caution and warned me never to let him out because he is so gorgeous. No chance of that!! He certainly lives up to being a cwtchycat.
I used to breed dogs and knew what to look for in a breeder and I found exactly the right person for me, someone who really cares about their animals. I am now waiting and hoping for a cwtchy Ragdoll. Thank you Carolyn and Chris!
Posted by Paul & Gaynor Harris on
Hi both,
January 2016 saw my husband & I (I sound like the Queen) fall in love with Poppylove Vittorina Rebel...Diva. Boy is she a Diva who we absolutely adore. We've had a number of vistors over the past months who are totally mesmired by Her. Have to say experienced ragdolls many years ago but Diva is one in a million. SO affectinate & loves to play. Children who visit adore her but she views them from her cat totum pole with disdain?!?!? They can only touch if she permits.
Thank you so much for the love of Diva she is a very special cat.
The new litters look gorgeous
KIndest regards
Paul & Gaynor
Posted by Julie sach on
Thank you Carolyn for our beautiful rag doll kitten Mitzi and her adorable mum Dolce, we are truly blessed with very loving social cats
Posted by Cathy on
Hi Carolyn, I'm so glad I came across your website, all of your cats are just beautiful and the site is so informative, friendly and professional. Since then I have been lucky enough to become the owner of one of your British Longhair kittens just 2 weeks ago. She is absolutely gorgeous, she's very confident and loves human contact which is testament to the love and care you give all your cats and kittens.
I would definitely recommend Carolyn and Chris to anyone looking for a kitten who has had the very best start in life. Thank you both once again we are absolutely smitten with our new baby girl.
Many thanks
Posted by Kim Adams on
In April of this year I lost my beautiful ragdoll Misty. He was just short of his 15 birthday. It was and still is heart breaking. Out of curiosity I browsed many ragdoll breeders web sites and it wasn't until I came across cwtchycats that I thought about mending the broken heart and having another one. I have never viewed such a fantastic website. The information contained therein is excellent and couldn't be more informative . From the website you can see that both Carolyn and Chris are the most reputable breeders who work so hard and care so much about their kittens and their well being. So I registered my interest and guess what I have the most beautiful little girl Elsa who joined my family 2 weeks ago. The support you receive before and after is amazing and the welcome pack you receive when finally taking your baby home is stunning. I am now a very proud mummy to Elsa who is the most confident, loving and sociable little girl. I love her to pieces and her and Toby my BSH are the best of friends after such a short period of time. I urge you if you are looking for a ragdoll to go no further than cwtchycats you will not be disappointed! Many thanks Carolyn and Chris my heart ❤️ is mending!!
Posted by Astrid and Rob on
Good website, very good information on what you need. Love the weekly update pictures of our new kitten from when they’re born to now and Carlyon and Chris are very nice and helpful. We’re so happy to have waited for one of your kittens, I love Bandit so much. He’s absolutely beautiful and very playful. We’re very very happy!
Posted by Emma & Erik on
We have just picked up our first cwtchycats baby and cannot tell you how happy we are. All through the process Carolyn has been amazingly patient, supportive and full of useful advice. The love she has for her cats is so evident to see as we were greated into her house by the most stunningly beautiful and friendly bunch of cats and kittens you can imagine. Any one of Carolyn's cats would have made a wonderful pet but With Carolyn's guidance we were able to select the perfect kitten to fit into our madhouse, a beautiful BLH girl who has fast become one of the family. We couldn't be happier. Sending all our love from North Devon.
Posted by Peter and Ella on
We would like to say a big thank you too Carolyn, we were so lucky to be able to get Anna from them, she has been renamed Etta, and is the most cuddly and soft kitten, she loves playing with us, And settled so quickly after our long trip back to shetland, Carolyn was so helpful when I made the trip down, and we were given such a big bag of everything we would need for the trip home and a lovely little bed for Etta. And was able to help me with any questions we had about our lovely Etta.

Thank you again

Peter & Ella
Posted by Charlotte & Stephen on
I just wanted to leave a message here so that anyone who was thinking of buying a Cwtchycats kitten would be reassured and know what to expect. I started searching for a Ragdoll shortly after my moggy, Sasha, died. We had had her for 14 years and my husband and I were absolutely devastated when she died, as were our other cats. Sasha was a very cuddly lap cat and I missed that so much that I googled 'what are the most loving cats'and found out about Ragdolls.

I read a lot about the breed and browsed lots and lots of advertisements for Ragdoll kittens as well as reading lots of breeders' websites. I had a budget in mind so, initially, I thought Carolyn's kittens were out of my price range but I couldn't help being drawn back to her website time and again. What stood out for me was the way she was an ethical breeder with a real and obvious love for her cats and a genuine concern for their welfare.

Eventually, I contacted Carolyn and spoke to her about the kitten I was interested in - Molly. As soon as I spoke to Carolyn I knew that Molly was the kitten I wanted and I felt so reassured by Carolyn's knowledge, kindness and professionalism. I was able to up my budget and, not long afterwards, Molly (now named Phoebe) came to live with us.

I have never been so sure that I made the right decision about anything. Phoebe is the most loving and gentle cat, she was very well socialised and confident and coped perfectly with coming to live with two strangers and two other cats. She is so good, used her scratching post and litter tray without any problems right from the beginning and has never caused us the slightest problem, quite the opposite in fact, she has brought so much joy to our home.

Carolyn keeps in touch with the owners of her kittens and is always there if you have a query. She is always interested in how her kittens/cats are doing and loves to see photographs of them. If I ever buy another Ragdoll, I will be back to Cwtchycats immediately and will never buy one anywhere else now.
Posted by Michèle Cariou on
Hello Carolyn .
I am very happy with my princess Etti.
A wonderful, funny and lovely girl.
She is loved and she loves us .
Thanks for your trust.
And see you soon for another princess.
Posted by Maria on
Excellent breeder. Carolyn takes breeding very seriously which results in healthy, well socialised and beautiful cats and kittens. She is meticulous when it comes to health and scans her breeding cats which is very important.

I adopted Shay in September and he is a confident, social and charming boy. He settled in very quickly with my other cats thanks to his lovely temperament and being used to other cats and people. His passions in life (at the moment) are: playing, eating and cuddling. Every evening he jumps up in the bed to snuggle up. The only 'problem' with Shay is that he has a tendancy to flop down on top of the other cats or me and refuses to leave! He just wants to be as close as possible.

I am so happy I made the trip to Wales (from Sweden) and forever thankful that Carolyn let me adopt this wonderful young man.
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