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At Cwtchycats we strongly believe in testing our breeding cats for everything available to us at the present time. We aim to breed top quality, healthy kittens and we firmly believe that this is currently the best way to ensure this.

ALL of our breeding cats have been genetically (DNA) tested and have tested normal for PKD as well as the known defective HCM gene (MYBCP3) and also for the known gene that causes HCM in Maine Coons. We have also had echocardiograms / ultrasounds performed by feline cardiologists on all of our breeding cats' hearts to ensure all is at it should be there.
We are very proud of this and happy to provide documentary evidence of this to any prospective kitten owners
. This means that any kitten born to us will be free of these known defective genes as they are hereditary. We also regularly test for FelV & FiV and can confirm that we are an FiV, FelV negative 'closed' cattery.

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  • We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved an Outstanding Cattery award from TICA for the second consecutive year. We were the first Ragdoll breeders in UK to have been awarded this and are extremely proud of it. We are inspected by a Vet and we feel it recognises our dedication and the level of care and facilities for our cats and kittens. On top of that, we gained a perfect score in all sections both years! 
  • We have 2 adults who are currently looking for forever homes. For more information please check out our Available Adults page.
  • We currently have some kittens at Cwtchycats Towers. All details can be found here.
  • None of our Ragdolls have Patriarca Gucci in their pedigree. Gucci is thought to be the cat behind some Ragdoll kittens being born with dwarfism, and we will continue to breed cats from pedigrees that do not contain this cat. For more information about this health issue in Ragdolls please click here.
  • In the past 12 months we have taken our breeding cats to a cardiologist for an Echocardiogram, Electrocardiogram and Auscultation of their hearts! We're delighted to share that BingFinn, Tsar, Elise, Destiny, Sapphire, Amy, Dina, Millie, Tia, Visage, Magic & Calli all passed this examination with flying colours and have no signs of HCM or heart disease at this time. This is an ongoing program for us to ensure that we breed the healthiest, happiest cats possible.
  • We now have a dedicated Facebook page for our cats and kittens (and their owners): Cwtchycats Past & Presentplease click this link to join us there and meet some of our feline family and our extended Cwtchycats families.