Past Kittens

 Jellicle Ragdoll Litter (From Cats The Musical) - Visage / Finn 2017

Magic 15 Weeks
Cwtchycats Mister Mistoffelees (Magic)
Staying at Cwtchycat Towers 

Cwtchycats Macavity (Mac)
Soon to be leaving for USA

Cwtchycats Old Deuteronomy (Now Bandit)
Living in Guernsey with Astrid & Rob








Cwtchycats Rumpelteazer (Elsa) 
Now Living with Kim in Miskin

Cwtchycats Grizabella (Bella)
Soon to be living nr Southend with Myrin & Family 

Cwtchycats Skimbleshanks (Hank) 
Soon to be living in Jersey with Sue & Owen

Precious Things BLH Litter - Dina / Tsar 2017


Cwtchycats MorePreciousThan Cartier (Tia)
Staying at Cwtchycat Towers 

Cwtchycats Tiffany (now Luna - with her friend Zeus)
Now living with Nina & Aaron  

Dina Kittens


 Cwtchycats MorePreciousThan Fabergé (Now Fabby)
Now living with Cathy & Family in Aberdare

   Dina Kittens   
Cwtchycats Pandora (Now Missy) 
Now living with Deb, Gareth & Family in Gwaeleod Y Garth 


'Survivors' BLH Litter - Dina & Tsar 2016 

Millie 13 Months Old
Cwtchycats One In A Million (Millie)
Staying at Cwtchycat Towers 

Dina Kittens
Cwtchycats Phoenix From The Flames (now Teddy)
Now living with Deb, Gareth & Family in Gwaeleod Y Garth

Spiritual Ragdoll Litter - Visage / Spud 2016   

Dharma May 17
Cwtchycats Dharma
Staying at Cwtchycat Towers 

Bodhi - 12 Weeks Old      Kismet 12 Weeks Old
Cwtchycats Bodhi (Theo) & Kismet  (Lexie) - both live with with Karen in Swansea 

First & Last Ragdoll Litter - Dolce / Finn 2016

Cwtchycats Chead Seo Caite (Kate)
Living in Bristol with Julie & Family

Nonsense Words Litter - Sapphire / Spud 2016

Calli Apr 17  Ama May 17
Cwtchycats Whatchamaccalit & Cwtchycats Oojamaflip
Both Staying at Cwtchycats Towers 

Eagles Ragdoll Litter - Elise / Spud 2015

Amy 18 Months
Cwtchycats Busy Being Fabulous (Amy)
Staying at Cwtchycat Towers 

Cwtchycats Best Of My Love (Bea)
Living in Lydney with Karen & Darren

Cwtchycats Take it To The Limit (Now Lizzie)
Living with Emily & Cwtchycats Cream Cracker in Liverpool

Cwtchycats New Kid In Town (Now Marshall)
Living with Julie & Family in Llantwit Major

Rene - 9 Weeks Old 
Cwtchycats You Are Not Alone (Rene)
Now living with Warren & Sherry in Merthyr 

Italian Ragdoll Litter - Sunny / Indy 2015

Ezi - 11 Weeks Old      Fia - 12 Weeks Old
Cwtchycats Perfezione Pura (Ezi) & Cwtchycats Dono Prezioso (Fia)
Living in Blackburn with their Mum, Sunny.

Cwtchycats Luce Della Mia Vita (Aphrodite)
Living in Cardiff with Nina, Aaron (and Luna (Tiffany) above! 

Alice In Wonderland - Coco / Bryn &
Friends Ragdoll Litters - Seren / Bo - Both 2014

Griff      Mona 
Cwtchycats The Gryphon (Griff) & Cwtchycats Monica Geller (Mona)
Living with Dee and Family in Shrewsbury 

Fast Cars Ragdoll Litter - Florida / Bo 2014

Cwtchycats Ferrarri Testarossa (Rosa)
Living with Marie & Family in Torquay

Greek Gods Ragdoll Litter - Dolcé / Bryn 2013 

Cwtchycats Adroable Aphrodite (Dora)
Living with Sue & Owen in Jersey - Dolce / Bryn 2013