Past Kittens

Coming Soon: Our Seasons Ragdoll Litter - Ama / Finn

Scottish Islands British Longhair Litter - Millie / Bing 


Cwtchycats Life of Riley
Now Living in Hereford

Ben 13 Weeks
Cwtchycats Benbecula (Ben)
Living with Sarah, Brian & Family in Risca

Anna - 10 Weeks Old
Cwtchycats Ramna Stacks (Anna)
Living in Tingwall, Shetland Islands with Peter & Ella

Cleo - 10 Weeks Old
Cwtchycats Muckle Flugga (Cleo)
Lives with Emma & Erik in Ilfracombe, Devon

Jellicle Ragdoll Litter (From Cats The Musical) - Visage / Finn 2017

Cwtchycats Mister Mistoffelees (Magic)
Staying at Cwtchycat Towers 

Cwtchycats Macavity (Mac)
Now Living in Mississippi, USA

Cwtchycats Old Deuteronomy (Now Bandit)
Living in Guernsey with Astrid & Rob








Cwtchycats Rumpelteazer (Elsa) 

Now Living with Kim in Miskin

Cwtchycats Grizabella (Bella)
Now living nr Southend with Myrin & Family 

Cwtchycats Skimbleshanks (Hank) 
Now living in Jersey with Sue & Owen

Precious Things BLH Litter - Dina / Tsar 2017


Cwtchycats MorePreciousThan Cartier (Tia)
Living in Leeds with Anda 

Cwtchycats Tiffany (now Luna - with her friend Zeus)
Living  in Cardiff with Nina & Aaron  

Dina Kittens


 Cwtchycats MorePreciousThan Fabergé (Now Fabby)
Now living with Cathy & Family in Aberdare

   Dina Kittens   
Cwtchycats Pandora (Now Missy) 
Now living with Deb, Gareth & Family in Gwaeleod Y Garth 


'Survivors' BLH Litter - Dina & Tsar 2016 

Millie 13 Months Old
Cwtchycats One In A Million (Millie)
Living with Jane & Amelia in London

Dina Kittens
Cwtchycats Phoenix From The Flames (now Teddy)
Living with Deb, Gareth & Family in Gwaeleod Y Garth

Spiritual Ragdoll Litter - Visage / Spud 2016   

Dharma May 17
Cwtchycats Dharma
Staying at Cwtchycat Towers 

Bodhi - 12 Weeks Old      Kismet 12 Weeks Old
Cwtchycats Bodhi (Theo) & Kismet  (Lexie) - both live with with Karen in Swansea 

First & Last Ragdoll Litter - Dolce / Finn 2016

Cwtchycats Chead Seo Caite (Kate)
Living in Bristol with Julie & Family

Nonsense Words Litter - Sapphire / Spud 2016

Calli 15 Months  Ama

Cwtchycats Whatchamaccalit & Cwtchycats Oojamaflip
Both Staying at Cwtchycats Towers 

Eagles Ragdoll Litter - Elise / Spud 2015

Amy 18 Months
Cwtchycats Busy Being Fabulous (Amy)
Staying at Cwtchycat Towers 

Cwtchycats Best Of My Love (Bea)
Living in Lydney with Karen & Darren

Cwtchycats Take it To The Limit (Now Lizzie)
Living with Emily & Cwtchycats Cream Cracker in Liverpool

Cwtchycats New Kid In Town (Now Marshall)
Living with Julie & Family in Llantwit Major

Rene - 9 Weeks Old 
Cwtchycats You Are Not Alone (Rene)
Now living with Warren & Sherry in Merthyr 

Italian Ragdoll Litter - Sunny / Indy 2015

Ezi - 11 Weeks Old      Fia - 12 Weeks Old
Cwtchycats Perfezione Pura (Ezi) & Cwtchycats Dono Prezioso (Fia)
Living in Blackburn with their Mum, Sunny.

Cwtchycats Luce Della Mia Vita (Aphrodite)
Living in Cardiff with Nina, Aaron (and Luna / Tiffany) above! 

Alice In Wonderland - Coco / Bryn &
Friends Ragdoll Litters - Seren / Bo - Both 2014

Griff      Mona 
Cwtchycats The Gryphon (Griff) & Cwtchycats Monica Geller (Mona)
Living with Dee and Family in Shrewsbury 

Fast Cars Ragdoll Litter - Florida / Bo 2014

Cwtchycats Ferrarri Testarossa (Rosa)
Living with Marie & Family in Torquay

Greek Gods Ragdoll Litter - Dolcé / Bryn 2013 

Cwtchycats Adroable Aphrodite (Dora)
Living with Sue & Owen in Jersey - Dolce / Bryn 2013