Our Queens:


<We are proud to be a cattery breeding lines 100% free from Patriarca Gucci>
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Elise (QGC Cwtchycats Lotus Elise)
♥ ♥ HCM Echocardiogram - Normal - September 2016 ♥♥
TICA Quadruple Grand Champion and
Best Blue Tortie 
Mitted Ragdoll Worldwide in 2016/2017
and in EW Region 2014/2015 & 2015/2016 & 2016 / 2017
2nd Best Worldwide 2014/2015 & 2015/2016.

Blue Tortie Point Mitted Girl (carrying chocolate) 


Visage (GCH Marula Dreams Hello Kitty of Cwtchycats)
♥ ♥ HCM Echocardiogram - Normal - February 2017 ♥♥

TICA Grand Champion (GCH) and Second Best Seal 
Bicolour Ragdoll in EW Region 2014/2015 

 Seal Point (HM) Bicolour Girl (carrying dilute)


Amy (Cwtchycats Busy Being Fabulous)
♥ ♥ HCM Echocardiogram - Normal - January 2017 ♥♥ 

Amy 2 Years
Blue Tortie Point Mitted (Carrying Chocolate)


Dharma (Cwtchycats Dharma)

Dharma 15 Months
Blue (HM) Point Bicolour Girl    

Ama (Cwtchycats Oojamaflip)

Ama 15 months 
Seal Tortie Point (HM) Bicolour Girl 

Calli (Cwtchycats Whatchamacallit)

Calli 15 Months
Blue Tortie Point (HM) Bicolour Girl