Quality Hand Crafted 'Cwtch Beds'

We are proud to introduce you to our very own hand crafted 'Cwtch Beds'! Each kitten will go home with its very own Kitten Cwtch Bed in it's kitten pack free of charge.

They represent a little bit of home, that will comfort and reassure them for the journey to their new home and for the potentially scary days afterwards! They will be placed in strategic points around our house for a week or so prior to the kittens leaving, so they have the reassuring smell that the kittens are used to, hopefully making the transition easier for them and their new owners. We would recommend that the mat is taken out of the carrier when the kitten gets home and placed somewhere that the kitten can easily lie on it.

They are hand made with love by us at Cwtchycat Towers from top quality yarn. They can be washed at a low temperature in the washing machine and then dried flat. 

The original design has been tweaked to ensure the utmost comfort and reassurance to our kittens in their new homes. They have been comprehensively tested at Cwtch HQ where we have found them to be a great success with both cats and kittens here.

We hand make every single one of them and use large amounts of yarn in them to ensure they are comfortable and comforting for the kittens and as hardwearing as we can make them. We hope your kitten / cat will get as much pleasure from it, as we do in making them!