Current Litters


We are very excited to share that our first litter of 2019 was born on 29th May 2019.
The happy parents are Ama & Finn, who produced our amazing "Seasons Litter" last year.
You will find all further news on this page when they arrive. 

Cwtchycats Oojamaflip (Ama)  x   Wattuwarpaan Wihsel Jesse of 
                                                 Cwtchycats (Finn)  

Ama (12) copy.jpg


One little boy was born and he is either a red or cream bicolour (TBC).
For Further Details, please click here

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 Cwtchycats Dharma (Dharma)    x    Ulisses Gravits of Cwtchycats (Uli)


Uli (14) copy.jpg

*** We are thrilled to announce that this couple have kittens due in mid July 2019. ***

Pedigree of Kittens
Kittens Expected: All Blue 
Kittens will be either Mitted or HM Bicolour pattern

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Oops I Did It Again De La Feline Mafia x Cwtchycats Mister Mistoffelees

Oopsie (16) copy.jpg Magic 20 Months (6) copy.jpg

*** We are thrilled to announce that this couple have kittens due in mid to late July 2019. ***

Pedigree of Kittens
Kittens Expected: Blue or Seal
Kittens may be Lynx (Tabby) in Mitted or HM Bicolour Pattern

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Our kittens will only be homed to approved indoor homes and are not suitable for homes where the owners will be out all day, leaving the kitten on its own. Ragdolls are very sociable cats and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. If you will be out of the house for longer periods of time, we would recommend 2 or more kittens, and offer a discount, should you choose this option.


All of our kittens (pet or breeding cats) come with a 4 generation pedigree and are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA).
They are fully vaccinated, health checked at least twice by our cat specialist vet, and if pets, will leave us neutered. They come with a full health guarantee within the contract, a generous kitten pack, advice sheets and 24/7 support for the lifetime of the kitten. In return, we ask that you please keep in touch and let us have occasional photos and news of your kitten as it grows. Before making contact with us, we would ask that you please ensure that you have read our terms and conditions and that you agree with them. No kitten or cat will be rehomed without this contract in place. this is to ensure the welfare of our kittens and also gives a full 3 year health guarantee with every kitten.


We reserve the right to refuse to sell our kittens to any persons or home that we deem unsuitable and don't ever ship kittens in the hold of a plane or without an approved human companion in the cabin or overland.