*** Without exception, we neuter ALL kittens prior to them being rehomed except if they are sold as having breeding potential. The cost for this is included in the price of your kitten. This is non-negotiable and applies to any pet or show neuter kittens that we sell. For more information on Early Neutering, please click here ***

Terms of Sale for Kittens

In order to safeguard the welfare of our kittens they are all sold with a Kitten Agreement. If you are interested in acquiring a kitten from us please ensure that you read our Kitten Agreement prior to reserving one.

In order to secure a kitten you will be asked to pay a holding deposit of £200. This holding deposit is taken in good faith and is non refundable unless for any reason we are no longer willing or able to sell the kitten, in which case it will either be refunded in full or if appropriate, an alternative kitten will be offered if one is available.

Please ensure you have read our Terms of Sale and Kitten Agreement / Health Guarantee and that you are able to provide a kitten with a permanent, loving, indoor home before placing a deposit on one of our kittens.

We also recommend that you research the Ragdoll breed in order to know what to expect from your new kitten. We are always happy to chat and answer any questions you may have to help you make the right choice for you, but we strongly urge you to also research independently.

All our kittens are:

  • Fully weaned and litter trained
  • Vet checked at 9 weeks and at 12/13 weeks as a minimum
  • All Kittens bought as a pet or show neuter will be neutered before they leave us - without exception.
  • Vaccinated against Feline Infectious Enteritis (FIe) also called Panleukopenia, Feline Calcivirus (FCV), Feline Rhinotracheitis (FVR) also called Cat Flu. We do not vaccinate against Feline Leukaemia (FLV), as it is a nasty vaccination and can overload a kittens' system. Indoor cats do not need this vaccination. 
  • Precautionarily wormed and flea treated

 You will be provided with :

  • Four generation pedigree 
  • TICA Registration Slip
  • A copy of your Kitten Agreement & Health Guarantee
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Petplan Pet Insurance Cover Note providing full insurance for the kitten for four weeks.
  • Kitten Care sheets and advice sheets
  • Food (both wet and dry) & litter samples, treats, a Cwtch Bed and numerous toys.

Please do not be offended if we ask questions; we put a tremendous amount of love, care and expense into each and every one of our kittens and need to be sure that they are going to the right home.

We reserve the right to make changes to our terms where this is necessary to protect the welfare of our kittens.

 ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~


Below you will find a copy of our Kitten Sales Agreement and Health Guarantee. This Agreement is necessary to protect the welfare of our kittens.  Feel free to read the Agreement at your leisure and please ask for any clarification where necessary.  What our Agreement comes down to really is that we do not want our kittens being sold on to unknown third parties or mistreated in anyway.

We are responsible for bringing these kittens into this world and this is a responsibility which we take very seriously. We hope that you understand that we must protect our babies’ best interests and we will enforce the terms of our Agreement where necessary.



              Kitten Sales Agreement & Health Guarantee


This Agreement is made on the               day of  2019

BETWEEN  Carolyn Littlejohns of  Cwtchycats at ******************************************************  hereinafter called “Carolyn”

AND  of 

(Tel: Mob:                        Home:                           Email:                                                   )
hereinafter called “Purchaser”

This is a legally binding Agreement for the purchase of the Kitten detailed below, hereinafter called          “Cwtchycats *****”


Cat Name: Cwtchycats                                  (                        )

Sex:                                                    Date of Birth:

Breed: Ragdoll                                   Colour:



TICA Registration No: SBT _ _       Microchip Number:

Pet Insurance Cover Note Number:




  • • That the Breeder will sell and Purchaser will buy ***** detailed above at the price of £******.
  • Purchaser is satisfied with the observed health status of ***** at the time of sale and agrees to take her to be checked at her own vets within 7 days of transfer to ensure Purchaser is satisfied with her health. Until that time, she should be kept away from all other animals.
  • • *****  is registered with TICA - please allow 3 weeks for her registration papers to come from TICA in Texas, USA. If you haven’t received them by this time, please contact Carolyn and she will chase them up.
  • Purchaser is to keep ***** strictly as an indoor household pet only in appropriate conditions for her health and welfare and she is to be fed an appropriate diet for her age and condition. Carolyn DOES NOT recommend changing the diet she is currently on (see care sheet) and will not be held responsible for issues arising from this. ***** should be kept as an indoor only cat, unless there is an enclosed, safe garden or a cat enclosure. 6 feet walls / fences are not enough. They need either a secure enclosure (catio etc), to be taken out in a secure cat jacket on an extending dog lead or get your garden adapted to be 100% safe for cats. If Carolyn discovers that ***** has been / is being allowed to free roam, we shall seek her return to us - through legal channels if necessary. This is due to the trusting nature and beauty of these cats, and the fact that they are unable to defend themselves against attack from other animals sufficiently. These cats are beautiful and valuable and unfortunately, it is not unknown for them to be stolen.
  • Purchaser agrees to keep in contact with Carolyn at least twice a year to update her on the progress of *****, with photographs if possible.
  • • If Purchaser wishes to rehome ***** for any reason, Carolyn maintains first refusal for the life of *****. First refusal means that Purchaser must offer her back to Carolyn first. ***** shall not be sold, given, willed or donated to any pet shop, establishment or any other person without Carolyn’s prior written consent. Permission to transfer ownership is not guaranteed and will be given only to specific suitable third parties. Permission will not be granted until such time as the approved party has entered into a legally binding Agreement with Carolyn
  • Purchaser understands that if there is a breach to any of the terms of this Agreement, or if ***** is neglected, maltreated or failing to receive adequate medical care, Purchaser is to immediately surrender her to Carolyn unconditionally and without financial restitution or compensation. If it becomes necessary to take legal action to repossess Libby, all travel and necessary legal expenses shall be the sole responsibility of Purchaser.
  • • If ***** is sold as having show potential, Carolyn cannot guarantee success in competition - this is subjective to the different show judges and not something we are able to control.
  • • Carolyn has insured ***** for the first four week period, she has been vaccinated and examined at least three times by a qualified veterinary surgeon and is in full health to the best of the Carolyn’s knowledge. She has also been spayed prior to leaving. It is Purchasers’ responsibility to continue the insurance to cover the full cost of ***** (as agreed to in kitten questionnaire) and to ensure that she is able to receive the best veterinary care if necessary in the future. We recommend Petplan as they don’t quibble if a payment is required - we strongly recommend you choose a lifetime policy, as this will cover any ongoing problems or illnesses for the life of the cat as opposed to one year on ordinary policies!  The next year, any existing conditions wouldn’t be insured. Please do NOT insure a Cwtchycat with Animal Friends as they are notoriously bad for paying out when needed and left us with a large bill due to a ridiculous technicality.
  • • Carolyn’s responsibility is limited to a replacement kitten only. No cash refunds are given (other than in the first 7 days) and all responsibility for vet fees for ***** transfers to Purchaser on signing this contract. Please refer to our Health Guarantee document which is included and forms part of this Agreement.

Health Guarantee

Congenital / Herditary Defects

  • • If ***** should die of a congenital defect (not a disease or accident) within the first twenty four (24) months of her life, Carolyn will replace her free of charge with a kitten of comparable quality and value when available and upon the production by Purchaser of a post-mortem document issued by a qualified veterinary surgeon identifying the cause of death. Carolyn reserves the right to have the post-mortem examination confirmed by our veterinary surgeon, Michael Edwards / Dr Lois Wilkie. She also reserves the right not to provide a free kitten if a payment is proven to have been made to Purchaser by a Pet Insurance company on the sad passing of ***** - this is in fact, fraud and is also illegal.

General Health

  • • Carolyn has done everything in her power to ensure that ***** is a healthy cat. As such she guarantees that she is free of FeLV and FIV at the time of transfer and is also free of any visible illnesses / diseases and parasites. By signing this contract you indicate that you are satisfied with the observed health status of ***** at the time of sale. For this health guarantee to be valid, Carolyn requires that the health of ***** is verified by Purchaser’s own vet within 7 days of transfer to her new home and that in the meantime, she is isolated from any other cats / animals.
  • ***** is fully house trained, has been wormed three times (with Panacur and Drontal), and vaccinated twice with Purevax RCP  - which is a non-adjuvanted vaccine against Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirosis and infectious Panleucopenia. She has been vet checked at least three times and has been passed fit to leave for her new home and to travel. She was neutered on 13th February and the wound is healed nicely.
  • •  ***** is from parents that have been DNA tested and found to be clear for the MYBPC3 gene associated with HCM & PKD in Ragdolls and she has also had this DNA test and is proven clear. Both parents have also been scanned by a qualified feline cardiologist and their hearts are in perfect condition.
  • • This initial Health Guarantee is valid for 7 days after purchase, providing that there has been no contact with any other cats or animals and that ***** has not had access to the outdoors during this time. The Health Guarantee is also reliant on ***** being checked by a qualified veterinary surgeon within 7 days of being in her new home who documents that she is not in good health. If illness occurs within 7 days of purchase (as long as ***** has been kept away from other animals) , Purchaser will return her to Carolyn within 24 hours.  Subject to Carolyn’s veterinary surgeon assessing *****’s welfare and health status and verifying the absence of accidental poisoning or physical damage to her, she will replace ***** free of charge with a kitten of comparable quality and value as soon as one is available.
  • • Due to the controversy and possible health implications related to the Feline Leukaemia “FLV” vaccination, Carolyn does not recommend its use. If Purchaser chooses to have ***** vaccinated against FLV, Carolyn will not be responsible for any adverse reaction caused to her. The FLV vaccination is not required for indoor only cats, they are not at risk from it.
  • • Please educate yourself on Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and the importance of good hygiene as far as litter trays are concerned and always limiting stress in the household when looking after kittens and cats. For this reason and to make her transition into her new home and family as easy for her as is possible, please keep to as much of *****’s routine, food, litter etc as possible for at least the next few months (see care sheet for further details.
  • • Michael Edwards and / or Dr Lois Wilkie at The Cardiff Cat Clinic have carried out all vaccinations and examined ***** at least three times and found her to be in excellent health - fit to travel and be transferred to Purchasers’ care.


By signing this Contract you are entering into a legally binding agreement for the purchase of               Cwtchycats *********** ) and confirm that you understand and agree to all the terms described herein.






- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Cwtchycats is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) - cattery number ***** and we support the Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program. We are also a veterinary inspected cattery and as a result have been found to be a TICA Outstanding Cattery.

For further information about TICA, please visit www.tica.org.


The International Cat Association (TICA) Voluntary Code of Ethics for Responsible Breeders.

    • •  I am a member in good standing of the International Cat Association (TICA) and have a TICA registered cattery.
    • • I will breed discriminately, and only if I can find good homes for our kittens.
    • • I will place kittens only in homes that I believe will provide a life long commitment of love, appreciation, and responsible care.

Any kitten or cat, sold as a pet or companion will be sold under the following conditions:

    • • I will guarantee that the kitten / cat is in good health at the time of sale.
    • • I will urge the purchaser to have the cat / kitten examined by the purchasers own veterinarian within a few days of purchase; to confirm its good health.
    • • I will require that the kitten be spayed or neutered ;  NO LATER THAN  12 months of age, and not be allowed to produce any offspring.
    • • I will explain to the purchaser;  the dangers of an outdoor environment.
    • • I will provide a written sales agreement, that describes the terms of the sale.  I will abide by my own sales agreement.
    • •  I will provide the TICA registration application form, and or pedigree for the kitten / cat ONLY after I have received written evidence from a licensed veterinarian, that the kitten / cat has been altered.
    • • I will encourage the purchaser to contact me, if  the purchaser has any questions ;  and I will respond in a timely manner.
    • • I will NOT release a kitten until it has been inoculated at least twice against the following - Panleukopenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis, and Calicivirus. I may also choose to give other vaccinations.