Cwtchycats Scrumdiddlyumptious (Diddy) & 
Tajeschidolls Bobby Dazzler (Bobby)

Diddy 18 Months.jpg


Bobby - 18 Months Old (10).jpg


Became proud parents to 2 beautiful girls
on May 1st & 2nd 2024.
They will be known as our Natural Phenomenon Litter - names chosen due to the recent magnificent
Aurora Borealis display.
These kittens are pre-reserved and will be adopted by people already on our waiting list.

 *** Our Waiting List is now open again!  <Please contact us, for our kitten questionnaire if you would like to join! * * * 

Diddy and Kittens - 4 Days Old



We are very proud to introduce Diddy & Bobbys' litter! 
Poor Diddy had a really tough time of labour, needing veterinary intervention to get them both out - sadly, one kitten was born sleeping. Once she recovered from the traumatic birth, over 2 days, she has been a superb Mummy and absolutely adores her girls! Because initially she was extremely stressed due to the birth, we have left her as much as possible to bond with her babies. So there are no official photos from their first weeks. Whilst we enjoy taking photos and videos of our babies to share with you all, our priority ALWAYS has to be the Mummies and their babies, and we will always respect their wishes!


Week 2: Enfys’s eyes have now fullyopened and her sister, Aurora has one open and one partially open. Both are doing really well. However, sadly Diddy has started calling again, so we are just hoping and praying she continues to be a good and attentive Mummy and that her milk doesn't sour - sadly, this can happen sometimes! 

11 Weeks Old: Apologies for lack of posts, things have been extremely busy here - both kitten wise and in our personal life! For those of you on our Facebook group, we have been posting on there, but haven’t had the chance to update our website! This will be the final update for this litter! They have all been vet checked, fully vaccinated, wormed and will be spayed this coming week - their bags are virtually packed and ready to leave us! Both have been reserved - both to current Cwtchycats’ owners! Thanks again for your trust! 


Girl 1 - Cwtchycats Cymru Enfys Tân (Enfys)
<Welsh Fire Rainbow>
Seal Tortie Point (HM) Bicolour
RESERVED for Amanda & Steve.

Enfys - 11 Weeks Old

20240713_141818.jpeg   20240713_142049.jpeg
Enfys - 11 Weeks Old



20240516_102244.jpeg   20240516_102236.jpeg
Enfys - 2 Weeks Old


Girl 2 - Cwtchycats Aurora Borealis Goleuni (Aurora)
<Aurora Borealis Luminance>
Blue Tortie Point (HM) Bicolour
RESERVED for Sallie

Aurora - 11 Weeks Old

20240714_163652.jpeg   20240714_164933.jpeg
Aurora - 11 Weeks Old


20240516_102332.jpeg   20240516_102318.jpeg
Aurora - 2 Weeks Old


Kittens - 1 Week Old