We breed top quality, heathy and well socialised
 TICA Registered Ragdoll kittens.


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We have been breeding Ragdolls for 12 years now and specialise in
red series Ragdolls (reds / flames, creams & torties),
but also breed seals and blues. We have imported cats from all over Europe & the United States to ensure low inbreeding coefficient and high diversity in our kittens.


Cwtchycats is a Veterinarian Inspected, TICA "Outstanding Cattery"
in Caerphilly, South Wales, UK and we abide by 

TICA's Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program.          


We have a stunning blue bicolour boy available right now! Please see our "Kittens Available" page for further details!

*** Our Waiting List is now open again!  <Please contact us, for our kitten questionnaire if you would like to join it - we do not take deposits until after kittens' first vaccinations at 10+ weeks old! * * * 

We are a Patriarca Gucci free cattery
For more information about this health issue in Ragdolls, please click here


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 What is a ‘cwtch’ (pronounced ‘kutch’, to rhyme with ‘butch’)
It is the Welsh word for a cuddle or hug, but it’s also so much more than that. It's second meaning is a cubbyhole or cupboard; a small space in which to store things safely.
Blend those two meanings and you get a better idea of what the word means:
It’s the wrapping of your arms around someone to make them feel safe in the world.