Past Kittens


Calli & Finns' Cheese Litter - July 2018

Cwtchycats Berthaus Epoisses (Bert)
Cwtchycats Berthaus Epoisses (Bert)

Now Living in Llanharan with Clare & Family 

Enzo (21) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Creme De La Creme (Enzo) 
Remains at Cwtchycat Towers
Papa Rio (10) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Toofaria Papageno (Papa)

Now Living in New Zealand with Aleks 

Libby (1) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Flibbertigibbet (Libby)
Now Living in Bristol with Sheri & Family
Rocky 7 Dec (1) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Rockets Red Glare (Rocky)

Now living in Florida, USA with Brianne & Rachel 



Dharma / Finn Litter - July 2018

Chuck (8) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Wreck It Ralph
Now Living in The Midlands with Amanda & Family


Visage & Finns' Arthurian Litter  - July 2018

Ava (2) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Spirit of Avalon (Ava)

Living in London with Em & Pete (will come back to Cwtchycat Towers to have kittens)

Cwtchycats Magical Isolde (Gloopy)

Living in Caerphilly with Katy & Family

Cwtchycats Beloved Guinevere (Gwen)

Now Living in Worcester with Christine & Family

Lance (15) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Sir Lancelot (Lance)

Now living in Gloucestershire with Toni & Family

Arthur copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Legendary Arthur (Arthur)

Now Living in Vale of Glamorgan with Judy



Lotty & Bings' Welsh British Shorthair Litter - (April 2018)

Betsan (6) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Betsan

Now living in Forest of Dean with Karen & Darren 

Dewi (10) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Dewi

Now living in London with Min & Family

Ieuan (8).jpg
Cwtchycats Ieuan

Now Living in Scotland with Deb & Ian

Myfanwy (1) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Myfanwy

Now living in Forest of Dean with Karen & Darren

Rhiannon (8) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Rhiannon

Now living in Aberdare with Cathy & Family



Ama & Finns' Seasons Ragdoll Litter - February 2018

Summer Sept 18.jpg
Cwtchycats Summer Breeze JW

Now Living in France with Audrey, Gaby & Family

Shay Winter 1 year old.jpg
Prem Cwtchycats Hazy Shade of Winter

Now living in Sweden with Maria

Etti Sept 18.jpg
 CH Cwtchycats Hope Springs Eternal

Now Living in France with Michele & Family



 Millie / Bings' Scottish Islands British Longhair Litter 

Ben (34) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Benbecula

Living with Brian, Sarah & Family in Risca

Anna (1) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Ramna Stacks

Living with Peter & Ella in Shetland Islands

Cleo (9) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Muckle Flugga

Living with Erik & Emma in Devon

Riley (4).jpg
Cwtchycats Life of Riley

Living with Jess & Family in Hereford


Jellicle Ragdoll Litter (From Cats The Musical) - Visage / Finn 2017

Magic 20 Months (1) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Mister Mistoffelees (Magic)

Remains at Cwtchycat Towers

Mac 2018.jpg
Cwtchycats Stellar Mississippi Mac

Now Living in Mississippi, USA with Terri & Family

Bandit copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Deuteronomy (Ronnie / Bandit)

Now living in Guernsey with Astrid & Rob

Elsa copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Rumpelteazer (Elsa)

Now Living with Kim & Family in Miskin

Bella copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Grizabella (Bella)

Now Living nr Southend with Myrin & Family

Hank Oct 2018.jpg
Cwtchycats Skimbleshanks (Hank)

Now Living in Jersey with Sue & Owen


Precious Things BLH Litter - Dina / Tsar 2017

Tia (5) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats MorePreciousThanCartier (Tia)

Now living in Leeds with Anda

Cwtchycats Tiffany (Tiff / Luna)

Now Living in Cardiff with Nina & Aaron

Dora 6 Months.jpg
Cwtchycats Pandora (Dora / Missy)

Now Living with Deb, Gareth & Family in Gwaelod Y Garth

Abby (6) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats MorePreciousThanFaberge (Abby / Fabby)

Now Living with Cathy & Family in Aberdare


'Survivors' BLH Litter - Dina & Tsar 2016 

Millie (2) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats One In A Million (Millie)

Now Living with Jane & Amelia in London

Teddy 15 months.jpg
Cwtchycats Phoenix From The Flames

Living with Deb, Gareth & Family in Gwaelod Y Garth


Spiritual Ragdoll Litter - Visage / Spud 2016   

Dharma (4) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Dharma

Remains at Cwtchycat Towers

Bodhi : Theo.jpg
Cwtchycats Bodhi (Theo)

Now Living with Karen in Swansea

Kismet : Lexie.jpg
Cwtchycats Kismet (Lexie)

Now Living with Karen in Swansea



First & Last Ragdoll Litter - Dolce / Finn 2016

Kate : Mitzi.jpg
Cwtchycats Chead Seo Caite (Kate / Mitzi)
Now Living in Bristol with Julie & Family


Nonsense Words Litter - Sapphire / Spud 2016

Calli (2) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Whatchamacallit (Calli)

Remains at Cwtchycat Towers

Ama (12) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Oojamaflip (Ama)

Remains at Cwtchycat Towers


Eagles Ragdoll Litter - Elise / Spud 2015

Amy (6) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Busy Being Fabulous (Amy)

Remains at Cwtchycat Towers

Bea (1) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Best Of My Love (Bea

Now Living in Forest of Dean with Karen & Darren

Kate (4) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats Take It To The Limit (Kate / Lizzie)

Now Living with Emily & Cracker in Liverpool)

Dino (15) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats New Kid In Town (Dino / Marshall)

Now Living with Julie & Family in Llantwit Major

Rene (2) copy.jpg
Cwtchycats You Are Not Alone (Rene)Now Living with Warren & Sherry in Merthyr Tydfil